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《She Walks in Beauty/Ugliness》

Artist:Li-Chi Hsiao

When someone wrote “I am happy” on the SNS, and the SNS accepted “happy” but ignored “I”, and then replaced it with “you”. “You are happy” becoming a mind of SNS. But in the SNS, the “you” in the phrase “you’re happy” cannot be defined by any class. “You” can be the addresser; addressee or anyone exists inside or outside of SNS. Now, if we rearrange the words of writer – “You are happy”, “I am happy”, “You are not happy”, “I am not happy” – they don’t violate the writer’s original idea, and may not match the writer’s idea form the beginning, but it can stand for community opinion of SNS group. Therefore, when a person fits into a community, the community can make his/her words more powerful; however, the community also weakens one’s will at the same time. In this work, I tried to use two opposite words for the community to choose. The mostly-used can stand for the will of the community. In this case, I quoted a poem about “beauty” full of beautiful and gentle words, written by English poet Byron after he met Mrs. Horton. I pick up the adjectives about beauty, and choose opposite words, then count the statue on twitter with these words. Let’s see how the new poem can be after rewrite by the SNS community?