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《Earth's rotation》

Artist:Zhung-Yu Huang

Our visual experience is changed, through a specially made video recording device. The artwork deals with on the relationship between the photographer, subject and the environment. The photographer is also a subject at the same time through this rotary video recording device. Moreover, the viewing angle of photography has changed. The continuous rotation camera shot was centered on human as it human in early times did not know the earth rotates instead of the sky. The scope of human thinking has changed after Copernicus formulated heliocentricism. In daily experience, we forget to observe events in macroscopic way because of our mistaken consciousness. “Earth’s rotation” is aimed to break the macro relationship between the photographer and the subject, subvert the traditional way of visual experience, and motivate viewers to think further about the changing relationship between the subject and the environment. The facial expressions of the subject can be seen when the environment changes. Furthermore, the video taken by the photographer was truly a living scene and a living background, not a processed living environment. This kind of living scene exists in everybody’s mind, but we never view in this way. This work dances like a waltz with the background music “Spring Waltz”, watching the funny relationship between the world, photographer and subject with a sense of humor.