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《Time and Space 2.0》

Artist:Yen-Tzu Chang

The artist uses the Arduino and Pure data as the knobs on the device, light and a base to communicate with the computer. The purpose is to combine the hardware and software. And the prolific sounds were made by mathematical formula from Pure data, which can even adjust the audio frequency in concert with different locations. Besides, the microphone was built in her mask, so her voice can be sent to Pure data immediately for tone modifying. Zhang discusses on the topic of time and space, separate and calculate time and space symbolically through her works. To changing audiences’ perception during the performance. The smog will brim the room, and the artist will separate the space from the first person point of view when the laser-light is on. The strong rhythm and noise are used in an attempt to measure the time and change the preconceptions of time. Also, this device will lead the audiences enter another kind of redistributed time and space.