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《Insect SwarmII: Symbiosis》

Artist:Bing-Hua Tsai

Scientists are starting to think about “post-human era” that living creatures and human may enter, with the rapid progress of technology. Human starts to use genetic modification and mechanical to adapt to the environment that has deteriorated, and living creatures are also affected by genetic mutation. The hybrid of “artificial machine” and “natural creature” appears, and the hybrid has features, structures, and behaviors of natural creature, becoming a bionic “artificial life”. In this work “Insects poly II: symbiosis”, the artist creates a virtual “post-human era”, and simulates the form and voice of digital bionic by a computer program. The bionic “artificial life” has the features and behaviors of natural creature. The artist uses the microphone device as an interactive interface, through which the bionic makes distorted sounds or flees around, and even mutates. This procedure is like playing God to rule the natural creatures, but being fought back by natural creatures.