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《Moving Landscape Single》

Artist:Sin-Jung Tasi

Human overdevelop and destroy many forests and wetlands only for the economic prosperity and the progress of industry, and discharg various wastes and pollute the natural environment while developing technology. It will be the biggest threat to humanity. But the environmental crisis is not only caused by developing technology. The key point is: how people treat the environment they live. I invite audiences to enter a field through the interactive video device “Moving Landscape [s]”. Railway engine and turning wheels were assembled together which factory equipment symbols. Audiences can use the user interface to control the speed of moving images. I expect audiences to think about the antagonistic relationship between technological civilization and natural environment, and to mention that the real natural vitality cannot be replaced with artificial landscape. Discussing about high modernization, industrialization, urbanization, expanded use of land, biological and water resources are addressed in contemporary way of thinking. Once the human change natural ecosystems with technology, it will be a irreversible catastrophe, if we don’t face this problem.