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Time∙Passing Through∙Travel

Artist:Iuan-Hau Chiang

We spend much time moving through the space that we exist in (cities, streets, home, room, and internet). Today is created by the constant repetitions from yesterday’s action, day after day. Travel, we use our perception to move through reality and our minds. The real world and our spiritual world interact with each other like parallel universes through our actions and exist. Even through we use only 1 type of perception to experience two different worlds....

This piece is an interactive device between light shadow and sound. Forty-nine light sourced sound devices are displayed in a matrix with dimensions of 7 meters by 7 meters. Each light sourced sound device uses a transparent acrylic as main structure. Through the independent sound channels and the independent LED lamps, the audience can move at will through the matrix in a space consisting of white walls on all 4 sides. Lighting up the space and projecting the shadows of the devices and audience onto the 4 walls, the sound and light source constantly change the location of the show within the exhibition space. The shadows of the devices and audience will create many layers of changes through flashing, looming, overlapping, and displacement through changes in the locations of the light source and targets. The musical rhythm created through interaction of the sounds, lights, audience, and shadows create a music and light shadow theater with auditory, visual and three-dimensional effects. The shadows of the devices move rapidly just like the rising, falling, and changes of buildings within the city. Also, just like the city landscape that moves rapidly through the windows of moving vehicles, the shadows of the audience reflect how busy and mundane city residents and visitors are.

In addition to the execution of fixed sequence of light source and audio playback, the hope is that the creative work program is one that can be altered after its completion, where different aspects can be on display at different locations and audiences. The hope is that the work will become a playground co-created with other artists, performers, musicians, and interactive program designers. When the work is on display in Lyon, it will work with local dancers to co-create an interactive dance performance.