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K. T. Creativity Award

Groups Awards Images Works Artists
Digital Animation Golden Award THE DOOR Yen-Ling, Lin & Tsu-Yuan, Kao & Ying- Ying, Chung
Silver Award Ruins of Heart Chia-Ying, Chen & Tien-Yu, Miao
Bronze Award The Beetle Boy Hsing-Yi, Chen
Technology Create Award MURDER Li-Ping, Wang & Tzu-Ting, Yang & Jui-Ting, Fan
Excellent Work The N Station Chun-Wei, Kuo & Cheng-Shiuan, Lin & Bo-Han, Li
Excellent Work HuHu Lan-Chi, Chien & Ying-Ju, Chi
Digital Game Golden Award Level Up Yu-Chun, Wei & Hao-En, Hsu & Min-Hsin, Hsu & Yi-Le, Tseng & Cheng-Liang, Chen
Silver Award Super Nurse Yan-Liang, Chen & Bo-Hong, Chen & Yu-Hsuan, Cheng & Yi-Hau, Huang
Bronze Award War of Garden Cheng-Wei, Tseng & Zhe-Zhi, Wang & Min-Li, Liang & Jing-Han, Du & Je-Wei, Chen & Chun-Wei, Hsu & Yu-Han, Wu & Jia-Xuan, Yu & Chia-Ting, Kao
Interactive Technology Art Golden Award Swimming Pool Chi-Kit, Man
Silver Award What’s Your Point? Yi-Chieh, Chang
Bronze Award Hide & Treasure Yu-chi, Chiu
Excellent Work Space Recall Wei Chih, Lin
Excellent Work Play Your Dream Hsueh-Jen, Wang & Shun-Hui, Huang

Mr. Kwoh-Ting Li, former Senior Advisor to the Office of the President of the Republic of China, is known for his work in leading the economic growth of Taiwan, and sparing no efforts in promoting the combination of technology with art and culture. To commemorate and in recognition of Mr. Li’s efforts, the “K.T. Creativity Award” borrows from Mr. Li’s name and at the same time represents “Knowledge Taiwan.” The goal of the award is to focus on innovative applications of digital technology into the visual arts, hoping to excite the creativity and innovation activities of Taiwan through competition between college teams.