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Applied Technology Exhibition – Windows Reimagined

Through the Windows

Same Life / Different Lifestyles
Through the windows, watching between imagination and reality…
Technology brings us choices with more diversity, and toward to the future.
Through the windows of a soul, people see the possibilities of life;
through the windows online, people see the possibilities of crossing-borders.
What will we see through the windows this time?

Technology has brought changes and impacts on modern urban life in many aspects. While the new replaces the old, and digital way of life is formed, many “values” are also impacted dramatically. In life, people start to make choices between efficiency and slow living, convenience and hand made, virtual and reality, online sharing and privacy, etc. However, no matter good or bad, technology brings us more variety of choices and possibilities.

Applied Technology Exhibition Area – Win 8 Controls the World uses “Through the Windows” as the core of the exhibition. From users’ habits of digital era, three key words “sharing”, unlimited “imagination”, and digital “life” which were most closely related to the users. The exhibition is designed around these three key words— “Windows of Sharing, Windows of Imagination, Windows of the Life.” The exhibition will display how digital technology will affect people’s ways of living and thinking, and lead us to see the “∞”possibilities of the future.

Exhibition Introduction

Windows of Sharing X Sharing

Sharing of movements is like the pulse of the streaming video.
It collects the latest picture updates throughout the exhibition.
The personal experience of the exhibition expands to outside, and links externally, no longer limited to self.

Windows of Imagination X Second Reality

The first reality is now, this scene, and this existence.
The second reality is to liberate people from time, space and materialism’s bonding by using technology and imagination; therefore there is no strings and no bond, with infinite possibilities.
This part of the exhibition reflects on the theme of this year’s Digital Art Festival, “Second Nature.”
Through Win 8 UI, audience walks in and out of the second reality that is a world filled with digital art and imaginations to experience the new UI experience.

Windows of the Life X Life

When life meets with technology,
its elements becomes more diverse, lively, and free.
There is no more boundaries,
traveling, reading, music, shopping, games…are joining your life more than what you could imagine.