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The Art of Video Games

Although it started with the purpose of digital entertaining, video games has not only witness the progress in the contemporary technology in sounds and lights. It also has taken off from the simple entertaining purpose, and went into the world of academia as an important medium in digital arts.

As the development of the internet, many countries pay a great attention in the electronic digital computer games today. The games are not only considered as countries’ soft power, but also a interconnection between its entertaining values in the economy and creative art. This connection could trigger an art form to communicate between different social classes. This art form is popular among people, and even in a deeper sense, it transforms fine art into the market of cultural creative industry.

The first ever video game art exhibition in Taiwan is titled “Visual, Hearing and Philosophy,” with the attempts of analyzing video games with these three angles.

The great advancement of video games enticed many players to stay up and starve, and could not pull themselves out of the digital world. This breakthrough of the technology also gave a possibility to the artists to create future. The artists are capable of present their ideal worlds to the players, and these worlds will become a place for many unsettling souls to rest their dreams and thoughts in this world of unstoppable information flow.

Today’s video games and other related digital devices are not the entertaining toys for children anymore. With the sound and light technology, video games became an imagination of the society for us to understand today, and to think about tomorrow. This imagination should be a contemporary philosophical issue to be considered and studied. We would like to invite you to visit the exhibition. They are video games, digital art, and more over, life.