The 9th K.T. Creativity Award – Interactive Technology Art

Ching-Shun Chang, Jia-Ying Chou
A Glass of Water

In “A Glass of Water,” the technology combined with MaKey MaKey and Unity and a projection device are used, creating a real-time interactive production for visitors. In a short period of drinking a glass of water, via the actions of pouring and drinking water, it attempts to discuss the relationships between water resources and nature, making users understand that water is also nourishing the creatures and plants on the Earth while nourishing users, as well as making users introspect by feeling for others and pay more attention to the issues of water pollution and the waste of water resources.
In this production, water, which is extremely accessible in the daily life, is used as a medium for “MaKey MaKey.” As users, wearing the device, pour water into a glass or drink water through a straw, whether a circuit is generated would be detected by sensing feeble currents via a microcontroller. If a feeble current is generated and sensed at a certain port, an execution signal will be immediately sent to the computer via the USB port, and different feedbacks will be shown on the screen by computer right away, so as to convey the creator’s ideas.