The 9th Digital Art Awards Taipei (Nominated)


I am very happy I hope you are too
Wei-Chieh Shih
2013, 2’13”
Arduino, Conductive Threads,
Cross Stitching, Digital Image

This installation work shows multiple implications in several disciplines: Under the sense of design, it is an experiment of wearable technology and it’s a mixture of circuit and textile. Under a sense of art practice, I see these LED texts quoted from my life experience on fabric as an codification of intimacy. These texts have been visually transformed into LED matrix, symbolizing a process of deconstruction and a removal of subjective feelings. Therefore, it is not my feelings anymore; it has already lost its original meaning. Furthermore, these fragmented feelings on the fabric have been rearranged to a new comprehensive characteristic through the design of the light and sound and suggest to the viewers in the form of fabrics. Under the sense of community art, this work is a reflux of modern art to traditional craftsmanship.