The 9th Digital Art Awards Taipei (Nominated)

The Resonance of Fragile
Ping-Sheng Wu
Acrylic Structure, Paper, Iron Structure, Speaker, Copper Pillars, Electronic Amplifier Module

Human civilization and history had been recorded on sides of paper since two thousand years ago. The invention of paper was a great leap in the technology that kept human memories alive. Today, new media have created a contemporary knowledge structure and expanded it to the margin of the universe. However, the excessive expansion eventually results in the neglect of remarkable pieces of information that we fail to digest in a timely manner.
Nowadays, our retinae are obsessed with various forms of screens in which messages become the little things we enjoy in our daily life. The rapid flow of information serves as a stimulant to our superficial thinking. We will not cognize the emptiness and shallowness of our thinking until the effects of the stimulant wear off.
When we keep gazing at the pieces of paper, a sense of alienation caused by losing focus gradually replaces the elegance and historicity of paper as a carrier of human civilization.
I attempt to transform the media into a kind of materiality and challenge the dominance of vision by appropriating physical vibration. I blend the memories of real-life experiences into the work through the sound field created by the installation. I expect this work, combined with the delicate and translucent texture of paper, to have an alternative resonance for the viewers.