The 9th Digital Art Awards Taipei (Nominated)

Obfuscator II
Chen-Chun Chen, Chia-Hsiang Lee
APP, Smartphone, Programming, Internet, Computer, Projector, Kinect

This work, “Obfuscator”, is drawn from the artist’s personal experiences. By observing people’s habits and their experiences over social networks, the artist explores the process in which people “lower their heads” to enter virtual social networks. By building relationships and exchanging information with others, people are able to maintain and convey their sentiments. As a result, this work uses the Internet and an interactive projection to invite viewers to draw or write on their smartphones or tablets through an APP. The interactive program then projects the image onto the screen, leading to the creation of a public online exchange platform. The projected content may be pictures or texts that echo the messages of others, sharply expresses their own viewpoints, or casually sends persistent messages. However, these all form a virtual online community comprised of instant messaging and open associations that is jointly created by multiple people.