The 9th Digital Art Awards Taipei (Nominated)

Consciousness Spin-Free
Shuai-Cheng Pu
2014, 3’57”
Digital Video

Right now, I am meditating. There are thousands of images which emerge from my brain. The disorder minds and the disarray feelings continually disturb my ordinary thinking. Facing on this circumstance, I didn’t neglect those distracting thought, conversely, I pack up those figures to become my main idea of my piece. Even though delirious minds disable me to concentrate on my own esthetic practice, I still choose to believe the strength which those mirages bring to me.
“Consciousness Spin” collects distracting thoughts to hold anti-aesthetic and abnormal narrative ideas. Using nomadic thinking to emancipate our mind and offer us an opportunity to think freely. In other word, audiences can flee from contexts of historical aesthetic through free thinking. For instance, the figures that emerge in my video cannot be attributed, because they are not fitting in any historical context. The images are just transitory images not owning any progenitor. That also means those mirages immediately come to my mind and automatically become the main characters. When audience acquire the method of thinking, they might be seen like delirious but actually poetic.
“Consciousness Spin” develops a structure beading delirious thinking and disorder thoughts using video media to represent the ideas.