The 9th Digital Art Awards Taipei (Nominated)

Taiwan Bus
Wei-Jing Lee
2014, 2’00”
Video Art

Sometimes apathy is the cruelest attitude of all. Sometimes apathy is the cruelest attitude of all.

A bus is like a micro-society, in which the shaking bus represents social unrest. The passengers reflect Taiwan’s current society that’s inhabited by isolated and narcissistic citizens blinded by their obsession with their own appearance, superficial needs, and Facebook popularity.
These people peacefully ride the bus even though things are shaken up on the outside. They hear the protests, yet they turn the other way. The gunshots are loud and clear, yet they act indifferent to them .An individual on the bus realizes the severity of the situation, but the indifference of others makes it seem normal to ignore what’s really going on. This is a strange phenomena that seems to have caused the selfish and detached nature of people these days.