The 9th Digital Art Awards Taipei (Nominated)

Law of Light
Chin-Hsiang Hu, Su-Ying Hsiao, Yen-Hsiang Chao, Ting-Chen Wu, Cha-Yi Chen
Bulbs, Acrylics, IR Sensor, Computer, Speaker, Microphone, Transformer, Custom Art-Net Device

“Law of Light” is a light field installation that states in totally control. In order to make the viewers feel the flow of light, it also contains a heated tungsten filament to exude energy. The sound coming from the installation is generated by the insulating transformer. To establish a magnetic field to produce electricity, it has to lighten up the lights through the current. The amount of the current generates natural sounds, interacting with the audiences through the vibration of the coil.
Behind of the light installation are the programmed electronic signals, generating light with people, light with network, light with space and light with time. Giving lights awareness, rhythm and breathing. The light not only represents the visual reception but can also be influenced by the participatory audience. It can bring the audience warmth, stability and a sense of belonging.