Opening Performance “Eunoia”

Opening Performance “Eunoia”
Location : Storage No. 5, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
Time : 2014/11/14 20:00

“Eunoia” is an interactive installation, using electroencephalogram (EEG) technology to translate brainwaves into sound which vibrates pools of water and creates a real-time audiovisual representation of brain activity. The changes of volume, pitch, and speed of the sound are associated with his/her varying emotional states detected by the sensor.
The audio output is produced by five speakers, while each speaker corresponds to one of the five brainwave frequencies, in order to add a visual component to the performance. The water responds with different formations of ripples and droplets in unpredictable patterns, associated with a person’s feelings.

About the Artist:
Lisa Park is a multidisciplinary artist from South Korea, who is currently based in New York. Over the past few years, she has explored themes of vulnerability, self-control, and confrontation by integrating biosensors (heart-rate and brainwave sensors) as a self-monitoring tool to visualize her physical and psychological states.