About the Curatorial Team

The curatorial team consists of members from artistic, educational and industrial backgrounds, in order to formulate the curatorial content. This year the organizer has invited Jun-Jieh Wang, Po-Wei Wang, Chih-Yung Chiu and Wen-Hao Huang to curate an exhibition based on the theme of “Ecosystem”; together with the extended platform, a vibrant and informative festival has been presented to the public.

The interior exhibition project organizers of “Digital Art Center Taipei” are experienced planners of the previous few periods Digital Art Festivals of Taipei; this year, they will be the organizing team for the 9th Digital Arts Taipei “Ecosystem”.

Based in the principles of “R&D, Experimentation, Creation, Nurturing”, the “Digital Art Center Taipei” intends to congeal digital art energy and surpass all previous values of aesthetics. In addition, we also hope that representative organizations from various fields will focus on the long-term ideals, thereby demonstrating the positive meaning of joint collaboration, and generating the most substantial and abundant rewards, and in turn, become the cultural base for the newly developed digital contents industry.

The “Digital Art Center Taipei” is managed and operated by the Digital Art Foundation as of 2009, the foundation comprises of veteran organizations, which have a wealth of experience in the fields of digital or techno art; These include experts from academic institutions, industry, art museum management and creative art etc. With high expectations, the intention is to harness cross- industry, cross-platform and cross-regional cooperation, by planning and executing a series of sustainable R&D, demonstration and performance exhibition projects, there by realizing the concept of fusion between digital technology and arts.