Digital Art Performance Award

About The Digital Art Performance Award

In the 4th Digital Art Festival Taipei held in 2009, Digital Art Foundation organized a series of new media performances with the underlying theme of Funky Light. These performances integrated digital images, sounds, and dances, serving as the prototype of the Open-Call Program of Digital Art Performance (also known as the Digital Art Performance Award). Funky Light set a milestone for the application of digital media by transforming them from a technique that the video, animation, and Internet communities commonly employ in creation into a subject that broadens the definition and ways of presentation of performing and visual arts. The First Digital Art Performance Award was subsequently established in 2010. It formally called for proposals that combine “technology” with “performance.”
Digital Art Foundation has been promoting the Digital Art Performance Award in collaboration with Quanta Arts Foundation since 2011. A formal basis for the award was therefore provided. To encourage emerging artists in interdisciplinary projects, the two foundations have collectively granted the first prize winner each year one million Taiwan dollars to cover the production cost. We not only attempt to redefine contemporary digital aesthetics with new media and new perspectives, but also expect to expand our horizons of digital and performing arts through this award.
The Call for Proposals – The Sixth Digital Art Performance Award is open now, with the application deadline on 23 November 2014. Aiming to shape contemporary thinking on digital culture, develop innovative aesthetic vocabulary, and create greater possibilities for performances that combines technology with art, the award calls for ambitious proposals based on the principles of “experimentality,” “conceptuality,” and “artistry.” In addition, the award this year adopts a new rule that grants the nominees a longer period of time to prepare their performances before the final selection.

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The Nominees for the Sixth Digital Art Performance Award:

An Algorithmic Opera by Kuei-Chih Lee, Alexis Mailles, and Yannick Dauby

Icarus by Ding-Yun Huang and Chi-Hung Tsai

Emotion-based Sonic Image Motion by Interdisciplinary Technological Ensemble