Pinar Yoldas(Turkey; USA)
“Very Loud Chamber Orchestra of Endangered Species”

The “Very Loud Chamber Orchestra of Endangered Species” is a collaborative art- science project, which explores the impact of environmental degradation on non-human animals. More specifically, it is a spatial data visualization and sonification project, which aims to communicate environmental data on pollution, species and habitat loss to the general public, in an engaging, non-technical manner. The spatial installation consists of various skulls from species that are critically threatened or endangered due to human impact, such as the Western Lowland Gorilla , Black Spider Monkey or Ganges River Dolphin. Each skull is equipped with a linear actuator and speakers, which generate sound and movement, in response to changes in the relevant data sets. By literally giving a “voice” to those whose habitats and lives are jeopardized by human activities, the project initiates a subliminal emotional dialogue between viewers and the life forms that they often overlook. The “Very Loud Chamber Orchestra of Endangered Species” is, in essence, an audible attempt to restore the dignity of the other carbon-based organisms, which inhabit this planet. It is an aesthetic amplifier which sounds the negative consequences of our cultural choices.