Instrumental Design

Experimental Program of Visual Guiding System

Wearable devices such as Google Glasses, Apple Watch, and smart bracelets are trendy applications of innovative technologies. Holding firmly to the experimental spirit of innovative research and development, Digital Art Center Taipei (DAC) introduces the wearable “visual guiding system” to the 9th Digital Art Festival Taipei, allowing the visitors to experience the latest innovative application of wearable technology.

The glasses serve as the interface of the system. Relevant information about the exhibited artworks will appear automatically on the screen of the glasses. It means that the visitors will immediately receive precise information about the artworks without having to look it up in the guide book. Such an automated guiding mode is a great boon not only to the tender or elder visitors but also for large-scale exhibitions.

The system consists of a wearable device and indoor positioning technology. DAC develops the system in collaboration with Smart Network System Institute of the Institute for Information Industry and ChipSiP Technology Co. and Kupo Co., Ltd. Its value lies not only in the application of wearable technology but also in the experimental spirit and reflection on future integration between mobile devices and human body.

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