Digital Art Festival Taipei has entered its ninth year since its launch in 2006. Annually, the festival offers the citizens great access to the latest development of and the most innovative thinkingon digital art. Through our untiring perseverance, thefestival is now being promoted as one of the most significant annual eventsfor the digital art community in Taiwan.

The 9th Digital Art Festival Taipei adopts Ecosystem as the theme. It not only exploresthe new working styles and interpersonal relationshipsin an era in which digital technology infiltrates every aspect of our daily life,but alsoaddresses the social and cultural issues that are endemic to the digital era.Accordingly, the festival identifies not only endless possibilities for digital artbut also their cultural values. The convenience offered by digital technology removes the barrier of geographical distance,creating different ecosystems in which we are closely connected.Through complex interdependence,a clear division of labor, and constant interdisciplinary collaboration, we not only strike a harmonious balance between the real and the virtual but also transform individuals’ creative energy into a collective artistic endeavor.

In addition to the participation ofglobally renowned digital artists and outstanding emerging ones, the festival also establishes a promoting platform for Taiwanese digital artists this year. Through the integration of digital resources in terms of international exchange and curatorial practice, the content of the festival has beengetting richer and more diverse year by year.

Taipeihas been endeavoring to become an international city, and was recently elected as the World Design Capital 2016, which clearly indicates its great soft power.The 9th Digital Art Festival Taipei expects to further create unique digital experiences that the visitors will remember, and thereby cultivate the aesthetic taste for digital art. I sincerely invite you to this elaborately organized festival, where you will be free to explore the field of digital art and inspired by theartistic creativity.

Mayor of Taipei City    mayer-of-taipei-en-93x40