Words from the Commissioner

Digital technology has infiltrates every aspect of our daily life. The evolutionof diverse and interdisciplinary digital art has become one of the most vital issues in the contemporary world. In the era of digital media and digital culture, the digitalization has changed the way of media (e.g. texts, images and sounds) connection. In terms of production, digital technology has created new working styles and redefinedinterpersonal relationships, which therefore turns us into a vital link in the ecosystem of digital art.

The rich content of the 9th Digital Art Festival Taipei is developed by a curatorial team comprised of four representative digital art practitioners. The festival this year treats Ecosystem as the theme. Since the connotations of the term“ecosystem” in natural sciencesand anthropology are no longer able to coverthe new form of ecosystem in the information age, the festival this year highlights the distinguishing features of the new digital ecosystem in which digital technology facilitates the interdisciplinary connection of media.

In addition to the International Digital Art Exhibition,the 9th Digital Art Festival Taipeialso establishes the AnimA Awardsto encourage Chinese animation makers around the globe.Moreover, the festival presents The Art of Video Games and the Instrumental Design in the thematic exhibition area ofthe Digital Art Platform. These events deeplyexplorethe multi-faceted digital culture. The festival expects to establish a solid foundation for Taiwan’s digital art and gathergreatermomentum for its long-term development, and thereby connects theavant-garde digital art creations in Taiwan with the international digital art community. I sincerely invite you to this elaborately organized festival, where you willfully experience the creative wonder and pleasure brought by digital technology.