DAC-GRAME Performance “Digital Wheelbarrow Project”

Félix Lachaize
“Digital Wheelbarrow Project”

In “Digital Wheelbarrow Project”, Félix Lachaize will consist of bringing an old wooden wheelbarrow to Taipei. This wheelbarrow will be equipped with various instruments and tools, such as digital recording devices (camera, microphone), information systems (a global positioning system, word processing software, etc.), and practical tools (vices, feather duster). Félix Lachaize will roam through the city of Taipei collecting found objects in his wheelbarrow. The tools will extract the most interesting parts and highlight their qualities. All the objects will be put back where they were found. Thanks to the recording devices, Félix Lachaize will create digital files/documents that will show objects, actions and settings. Finally, Félix Lachaize will classify and store these gigabytes with information about the localisation and his feelings about the place. In Taipei, Félix Lachaize will make a performance which looks like a kind of software program that classifies data. His tap-shoes will rummage through documents, doing away with some, while playing with others.