We the People: Collaborative Creation, Street Assemblies & Radical Democracy

We the People: Collaborative Creation, Street Assemblies & Radical Democracy



Art represents an ideal. g0v also represents an ideal. This installation We the People: Collaborative Creation, Street Assemblies & Radical Democracy is the result of juxtaposing those two ideals, and the process of them colliding, competing, co-existing, converging, and conflicting among the same group of people in the same space.

Graph of Open-source Activism and Decentralized Communities is a physical manifestation of the bottom-up, sustained movement to rebuild civic society in Taiwan with the Internet, fluid communities, and collaboration among the Taiwanese people. The Graph features the collaborative processes of three projects initiated at g0v hackathons—Don Democracy, vTaiwan, and zgcc——as focal points within the larger societal context.

Collaboration Manifesto is a verbal declaration of the grand visions and realistic struggles of the Internet, fluid communities, and collaboration.

Civic Square returns the designated art exhibition space back to the public. The Square provides infrastructure and a toolkit useful for building assemblies. Any group of three or more can utilize the Square for speeches, discussions, and meetings.

The Graph, the Manifesto, and the Square represent information, discourse, and the mass. Anyone can bring in tools, or utilize the ones provided on site, to freely add, modify, or repost any content of We the People based on the guidelines of CC BY-SA 4.0 International.


Artist Introduction

We are 0art.

0art started like this—Poting and Regina wanted to push g0v down the pit to participate in the 2015 Digital Art Festival Taipei. Poting and The Elder of the Village have met in Hong Kong before, therefore Poting sent an e-mail to The Elder of the Village. The Elder of the Village pushed kirby and ly down the pit. kirby, ly, Poting, and Regina met twice. kirby opened a Hackpad doc. ly pushed chihao down the pit. kirby, ly, chihao, Poting, and Regina met twice. chihao opened the #art channel in g0v’s Slack group. chihao presented this project at hackath15n. chihao opened a Hackfoldr. chihao is pushing more and more people down the pit.

g0v is an open community devoted to advance information transparency. g0v makes open-sourced platforms and tools for civic participation in society. Taking shape around the end of 2012, g0v has been reimagining, from zero, the role of “gov” in contemporary society. Rooted in the spirit of open-source, we care about freedom of speech and accessibility of information. We research, program, and design informational services that are easy to use in hope to facilitate a faster and better civil understanding of various economic, political, and social issues. Only citizens with unobscured eyes can keep watch of the governments, turn knowledge into action, and actualize values of a true democracy. (Adapted from http://g0v.tw/zh-TW/about.html

0art exists because g0v exists. No single person can represent g0v. Only the sum of everyone and everyone’s past and continuing work is g0v.