2015 Animation - Slices of Film

Slices of Film

The concept and development of digital technology has a significant impact on the production of animation and motion pictures today. The influences include not only the continually advanced technology enriching styles and images of films, but also technology involving and altering the initiation also creation of animation and motion pictures, furthermore, turning into the subjectivity of a film. Slices of Film starts with animations that explore the concept of digital and continues with showing how the development and progress of digital technology have impacts on the design, production and progression of animation, as well as presents how the flourishing digital technology and animation technology becoming relevant in filming and process of production of motion pictures.

The production of animation is different from making a film. Animation is a film of series singular frame, and even while producing 3D computer animation, artists proceed a series of animated movements and calculations to dissemble and assemble frames. Therefore, the idea of slice actually exists in the essence of animation. Oskar Fischinger invented Wax-slicing machine in 1992. He mixed colour pigment, oil and chemical materials to create a spiral mixture and then added wax and porcelain to form a stripe object. He then photographed each slice of the mixed stripe object and 2 connected the photographs to make the series work “Wax experiments”. Slices of Film adapts the concept of slice, and expects one may see each of the frames and components of a film as a slice in order to discover the intertwined relationship between animation and digital technology.

Slices of Film including animations approach the phenomenon of using digital mobile devices combining both animation and interactive interface, films make 3D animation and presenting it in a 2D animation way, works use motion tracking technology on human eyes then digitally composited it on the faces of stop motion puppets and last but not least, motion pictures take use of drones, Google Map and Google Earth to make the reference previs film then combining lasers and letterpress to keep the texture of wood with classic and 3D animation. Being designed as an animation exhibition instead of a regular film screening, Slices of Film aims to explore the relationship between technology and animation making today via presenting a multiple screen display in an exhibition space and intends to bring a breakthrough in the format of animation film screening presentation.

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Curators: Ming-Jiun Tsai, Ching-Hsuan Lin

Special Thanks: Wen Liu、Ying-Hsuan Tai