International Artist in Residence

International Artist in Residency Project combined with Digital Art Festival, Taipei launched in 2009, aiming at providing both Taiwanese and international digital artists resourceful chances in residency and interaction with local community. Moreover, this project serves as a platform for “residency, art project developing and exhibition.” This year (2015), International Artist in Residency Project, cooperated with Grame Centre National de Création Musicale-Lyon–France, comes to the 6th edition. Chang Yung-Ta, recommended by Digital Art Foundation (Taipei) and Julie Vacher, recommended by Game and ENSBALyon, are showing their works in 2015 DAF. ‘Relative Perception Nº2’, presented by Chang Yung-Ta, combining visual and sound installation, is the premier of latest “Relative Perception” project. ‘Phonic Formosa’ presented by Julie Vacher is a site-specific residency project, which developed from the text island “Formosa” (known as Taiwan). The video is composed of narrative and oral history, off-scene sound scape and local language, creates an alternative sound. Chang Yung-Ta will have residency project in Lyon next year (2016), and show his work once together with Julie Vacher in the group exhibition curated by Grame.