Relative Perception Nº2

Relative Perception Nº2

Chang Yung-Ta



electric heating rods, solenoid valves, computer controlled chips, water

Human perception can not be organized and quantized accurately by system, so the body senses perceive and adjust spatial environment or other perceived variability, those are formed by a state of relative experience and comparison, the differentiating factor through the body under the perception, formation relative perception. "Relative Perception" is a series of creation project about the relationship between our sensations to sound, visual, temperature and space, a sound installation therefore developed; the perception of the body, is an instinctive, intuitive response system, our bodies get to read and respond to the current state through it. Visual sense has always been the main sensation which human rely on. First eye contact dominates how we interpret and think, and it is just visual level. The series of “Relative Perception “ works attempts to make audiences change to other sensations after the first visual contact. In order to obtain the information and condition which visual sense can not provide. The concept is about challenging the ways of viewing and dominating the sensations.

Under this concept, the development of a series of creation project which is based on sound and space installation, challenging the ways of viewing existing artworks. It also challenges the habit of viewing quickly, even excessively depending on complete visual sense. Under this kind of cultivation and power (art critic, curators), sensations are limited, and fossilizing gradually. It is the same reading and viewing works. Simple sensation is more like what I respond to current issue based and Biennial form of contemporary art phenomenon (in favor of some art critic and curators), which is fossilized and formalized. And the ways of viewing shaped by long-term visual sensation domination. When sensations are limited or used to certain kind of preference, other sensations will gradually become numb or degenerate.

'Relative Perception Nº2' shown in 2015 Digital Art Festival, Taipei, hanging in the space of the same size (or different) metal tubes, the suspension mode is in an inclined state, the internal installations are electric heating rods, each of them has the dripping device above them, periodically (or randomly), with the different (or the same) temperature control, let the water slowly shed along the metal pipes. During the process of evaporation, the sound slowly comes out until it is completely evaporated. The process from liquid to vaporization, the sound shows not just a fixed position audible voice, but along the metal tube in the space of flows. The temperature difference between the metal tube through the hanging angle, and an electric heater in the space starts small sound palpation.

Photo by: Chang Yung-Ta