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Time of Doubles:Flux

Artist:Graham Wakefield, HaruJi

Time of Doubles is an immersive interactive art installation. It invites visitors to experience mirror existences of themselves taking upon new roles as sources of energy and kinetic disturbance within a virtual ecosystem, a uniquely created computational world.

Visitors encounter their doubles in a deep hyperspace through 3D depth cameras, a surround array of active loudspeakers, and stereoscopically projected images. The immersive multimodal environment forms any entryway into a shared, co-present world, and the volumetric sensors take the visitors beyond avatar-based representations to become embodied within a world of physical simulation.

This world displays some characteristics familiar from our own, but is populated by unfamiliar life forms singing and swimming through sensitive motions of dark fluids.

The visitors’ doubles are energy fields, which emanate myriad bright fluid particles, food sources to be eaten by the virtual organisms. Visitors see, hear, and feel how they are fed to unknown species in this virtual ecosystem. Without visitors, the world-fluid is filled with life seeds that cannot grow, but with human presence the populations explode into alien orchestras. Larger organisms leave physical residues and films behind as they pass, which constrain the fluid flows and which can be sculpted by visitors’ doubles when they approach them.