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Viral City


“Viral City” mainly focuses on a speculated world for humans after the assumed end of the world in 2012. A combination of floor and wall projection is installed in the exhibition space. The projection on the floor looks like a virus culture in a petri dish in the science lab. The environment mimics the clustering inter-connecting effects of the city and the spread and squeezed phenomenon of the culture. The bird eye view accentuates how little each individual is, and it also imitates the gaze and surveillance of the mighty toward human civilization development. The projection on the wall is in the format of a modeling catwalk, which represents the different reactions predicted by people when the end of the world approached. A sub-specie of human beings survived the disaster that were selfish, anxious, distant, happy, content… with 9 qualities of human characters and desires mixed with certain proportions. This corrected lives based on anti-emotional senses whether satisfied or not, will continued toward the future.