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Dynamized Center 2.0


“Every cosmos is concentrated to a core, a fetus, a motion balancing center because every cosmos forms a world in its own surrounding. This core is strong and powerful because it is a core of thoughts.”
- La Poétique de l'Espace, by Gaston Bachelard-

In the performance of Motion Center 2.0, the artist tries to simulate the dialogue to be like light expanding from a center point outward. The direction or the distance of how the light moves is vague in the piece. Therefore, the dialogue can end at any place, and the spectators can also interpret the message freely through the blur content of the dialogue. Each dialogue can be the starting point of the imagination.

During the performance, artist design the sounds according to the movement of the images. The colors and sizes of the visual piece are correlating to the colors, volumes, and frequencies of the sounds. Through a set calculation, the object moves in a rhythm swirling around the center. When the center point moves away, the entire sound space changes with the new position, and forms difference phases and places.