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Superiority Channel [M]

Artist:Mores Zhan

In the digital era, images made by optical signals through a screen as a medium became one of the most important information reception devices for the human race. This piece treats the optical signal as a ritual cycle. The screen (medium) within the image is considered to be a media musical score or anthem, which breaks through the space interface. The interface was pierced by “desire,” and an absurd and ill-mannered “digital condition” surfaced. This short and abrupt “digital condition” is just like the sick and fantastic spectacle of the democratic society today.

A great amount of extensions of tongues are in the piece as a “secret code” throughout the stage. The images were constructed by ritual actions, and thought provoking tongue extensions images completed this world of desires. Beginning with a real ripped apart cathode ray tube monitor, great quantity signals of desires flows, fake scan lines questions the images, interface resurrects, coating on the tongues floats, acts on a stage of tongues, the conductor holds a baton made out of tongue, he simultaneously conducts in many directions, the tongue sticks into the puppet show, communal conscious shows detached emotions, etc. All actions start with the altar of cathode ray tube…

A scene of time with image installation

The work draws the image with multiple angles, and the video is split into five different viewpoints. The images are projected with same angles and distances into the space to connect the images in the space. It creates a sense of live reporting or SNG (satellite news gathering) style of reporting with multiple “live times” to interpret the simultaneous narratives in the image.

The interface object expression of space

At the same time, the art object and the digital monitors at the scene represents a double gaze. The exhibition space form and the audience are included to be part of the work.