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《Twinkle series》

Artist:LIAO, Chi-Yu

Cooking is like creating. It is all driven by desires so that new ideas keep coming. The idealization of one’s emotions and lust for life create the art of culinary. “Appetite” becomes an issue so complicated that it has its own history and stories. This could be why human beings are different from animals.

Dining tables, foods, and people, always intertwine with memories and feelings, which becomes the beginning of a story. We wonder if there are other people sitting by the other end of table. How do they look? What is their relationship? Are they feeling happy or sad at the moment?

The author’s experience of cooking in daily life enables her to believe that cookery itself is a technique. However, when one becomes irrational, cookery is actually an art of love. Quite often, people preparing the food, need to have some sort if idea of whom the diners will be. Preparing foods is a process of dedication and also a way to give, like a practice of love.

This series is composed of images shot at a dining table. Each piece of work has its own food elements and characters; it seems to be an attempt to categorize them. Yet, this series is actually based on people’s common imaginations and experiences with foods. The delicate sensations and moving stories potential to happen around a dining table make each image very distinctive and unique and twinkle with perseverance at the same time.