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White Soundscape


The inspiration came from going away from home to school. In order to go home, and then to return to the school, I have to take the night bus up and down through Taiwan.

In a restrained and dark cabin, the body is trapped into a single seat seemly numb and stiff. While half asleep, the flashing and floating lights outside the window lead me to space out. The jumpy lights are almost like silent musical notes following the pointless gaze to sound out. The sounds are different from the “background music” mechanism, which impose the emotions through music onto the image with one self’s emotions, but a “sound scene” of the world, which comes directly from the images and changes with the different emotions.

Although similar scenes are ordinary in our daily life, in this occasion, it points to a journey (destiny) experience with descending speed. The sounds that accompany this changing scene compose a normal tune that tells the same story again and again. It is gone in a blink, but perpetual at the same time. It is silent, but talkative at the same time.

Therefore, the “sound scene” although was inspired by the personal experience of “going home” (going home or returning to school) in its destined recognized structure, is meant to belong to a “non-existing place,” but with endless back and forth, or an attitude of going with the flow. No matter school or home, both are strange places, but one has to go to a real depart of hometown since the beginning. The flowing experience of “sound scene” itself is a double de-familiarization of home and school.