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The City in the Sky

Artist:Ding-Yeh, Wang

“Imagination” always brings unlimited wonderfulness, but “reality” always finds its way to destroy the wonderfulness completely. Imagination and reality are the two cores of this piece. They are in the opposite position by a thin line. The reality is always presented in our face in its cruel outlook, and there is no way we can hide from it. The only way is to face it by making up imagination. Through the unreal and beautiful imagination, we could be given a little bit of happiness in real life.

The piece starts with imagination. Clouds always give people many wonderful imaginations, poetic and romantic. By looking at the clouds floating in the sky, people always feel that they are moving away from the current place, and away from the troubled world. “The Castle in the Sky” takes the spectators into a world of clouds. With the sensations set in the scenario, the white clouds are supposed to bring wonderful and poetic experience to us. We give ourselves wonderful dreams through the imagination of clouds. However, after the wildest imagination, we still need to come back to the real world at the end.