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Artist:Cho Chieh Wei

The concept of the work and the interface came from the noises and unwanted sounds existing in the daily life. Those noises are amplified and transformed as the sense against time, internet, mobile phones and televisions, and added with home videos and photos from the childhood. The images are transformed, twisted, deconstructed and so on with different manipulation processes, and they show people living in a world with everything digitalized. Childhood memories as well turns into a mess of information, and the communication of emotions turns into lifeless message and bites tossed in the air. Face to face is no longer an option. The technology brings great convenience, but greater dependence leaning by the people to this convenience tends to have people under technology’s control, and could not get away from it.

Via “On/Off” switch mechanism, the spectators seek for symbols and meaning through their own experiences, and then make them into frames of images. The images contain words, numbers, conversations, emotions, facial expressions, body movements, etc. They attempt to expose the anxiety created by the technology culture under the contemporary digital era. Due to the intentions above, there is a control panel set up for the spectators to manipulate and to change the images. The process is given a completely new meaning. Hundreds of pictures can be made by moving the cursor of the control panel and the on / shut image windows. The controlling and being controlled are present for the spectators at the same time so the spectators can be challenged with the presence of self-conscious.