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Artist:Yu-Chun, Chen

The clocks are products of metric in order to understand the progress of the time.

The feeling of senses flowing, on the other hand, cannot be metricized. Thus, the feelings are distinguished by the differences against the metric time.

The internal emotion of people forms a subjective rhythm as a block of sensing the metric time. The different rhythms create different currents.

The brainwaves detected by the brainwave sensors are used in the work along with sounds and visuals of clocks added as background. The subjective flow of the tester marks modernized path, and the abstract internal emotion flow can be realized in the real world.

Each clock has a different pace, and each of them represents the conditions and times of current and past. The time is compressed in the space into one piece. The different speed of the clicking sounds fills the space, and it stimulates the sense of hearing that overthrows the rhythm set by the metric second. An unpleased feeling is created because people are used to the metric time on both physical and mental levels.

The sound space is a realization of tester’s mind, and it also might reflect on the tester with counter effects of having the tester to form a space in this restrained space. In this space, the spectators, unlike the tester, seem to trespass the private space, and to experience the feeling as the tester is set for free.